Optimising international collaboration

Optimising international collaboration and partnerships in the post-pandemic HE landscape.

This 45 minute session provides Higher Education International Departments with insights into how institutions are developing their internationalisation strategies to improve the effectiveness of international collaborations and partnerships.

The session demonstrates how HEIs globally are using new measures to:

  • Enhance skill-sets for staff involved in international relations.
  • Achieve greater understanding of how effectively the institution and/or network of institutions performs across the critical areas of workplace life; intercultural development opportunities; intercultural strengths; teaching and learning; international collaborations; and workplace engagement.
  • Improve the quality of internationalisation strategies.
  • Develop the conditions required to meet the growing need for global graduates.

We also hear from Nottingham Trent University Global, with their take on current internationalisation issues, and what might be the most effective strategies to adopt.


  • Nick Pidgeon (Head of Surveys & Benchmarking, i-graduate)
  • Stephen Williams (Director, NTU Global)
  • Professor Helen Spencer-Oatey, BA, MEd (Centre for Applied Linguistics, University of Warwick)

NB: To hear more about developing the learning environments that lead to global graduates, see our second webinar in the series, Optimising social and academic integration in the post-pandemic HE landscape.