Optimising social and academic integration

Optimising social and academic integration

Optimising social and academic integration 

This 45 minute session provides Higher Education International Departments with insights into institutions’ approaches to internationalisation in the pre and post pandemic landscape.

The webinar demonstrates how institutions are using new measures to:

  • Prioritise effort and resources that lead to improved quality of internationalisation
  • Evaluate the impact of Covid-19 and internationalisation initiatives
  • Develop initiatives that address hurdles to social and academic integration
  • Inform and enable programmes to create global students, and improve their employability prospects
  • Benchmark the impact of internationalisation strategies

We also discuss how the Coimbra Group in particular has benchmarked social and academic integration, and how Coimbra Group universities might use these measures to inform recommendations for their post-pandemic strategies - as they seek to attract more international students and influence their global HE rankings.

Your presenters:

  • Nick Pidgeon (Head of Surveys & Benchmarking, i-graduate)
  • Professor Danny Donoghue (Durham University)
  • Professor Helen Spencer-Oatey, BA, MEd (Centre for Applied Linguistics, University of Warwick)
  • Dr Daniel Dauber (Associate Professor, University of Warwick)

NB: To hear more about developing the learning environments that lead to global graduates, see our second webinar in the series, Optimising international collaboration and partnerships in the post-pandemic HE landscape.