As an IT leader, we're sure you have a good grasp of the direct costs of your on-premise SIS. But have you ever considered the indirect costs? We're here to explain how the real cost of an on-premise SIS implementation is often significantly underestimated.

Using 20+ years of experience helping universities implement world-class student information systems, we have identified and considered countless scenarios for a wide range of institutions, based on size, the complexity of existing systems and structures, and system availability. 

Tailored to your institution, we can take a detailed and collaborative exploration of your current Student Information System, help validate direct costs, and uncover both indirect and hidden costs to give you a clear understanding of just how much your on-premise implementation is costing you per year. 

If you're interested to find out more, hit the links opposite. Or, if you'd prefer us to talk you through our Cloud Readiness Assessment, including the total cost of ownership for your institution, click here.

Migrating your Student Information System to the cloud isn't going to happen overnight - but we have the solution to taking your first steps.