Calculate the TCO of your on-premise SIS today

It's not just the direct costs you need to consider...

  • The annual cost of running an on-premise system is likely to be significantly under-estimated.
  • Skilled resources critical to optimal performance are leaving the sector in large numbers. This leaves you vulnerable to more frequent (and prolonged) outages and protracted upgrades.
  • The probability of a Disaster Recovery (DR) event is rising and the average cost of a data breach has risen to £3.4 million*. 
  • Giving key personnel the scope and time to deliver the best possible student experiences can be extremely difficult if all they do is ‘keep the lights on’. 

Migrating your Student Information System to the cloud isn't going to happen overnight - but we have the solution to taking your first steps.

*The annual Cost of a Data Breach Report, featuring research by the Ponemon Institute

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