Track and benchmark student and stakeholder opinion across the entire student journey

i-graduate provides a suite of tools to benchmark the student experience across international operations and monitor graduate outcomes. We offer bespoke research solutions and deliver comparative insights to the education sector worldwide, helping institutions enhance their competitive advantage. Since 2005, we have gathered feedback from over 3 million students in over 1400 institutions across 33 countries.


Product Features

  • Insight to help educators

    • Understand the expectations and perceptions of students and other stakeholders
    • Improve the student experience
    • Recognise excellence
  • Track progress

    • Compare institutional feedback
    • Speed up decision-making by using independent measures
  • Identify priority areas for investment

    • Manage risk
  • Adapt marketing communications

    • Manage expectations
    • Predict changing needs so that growth can be planned and resources allocated effectively
    • Enhance competitive advantage

i-graduate: Empowering the world of education - University of Nottingham



The University of Nottingham uses i-graduate’s widely-used Student Barometer to drive a culture of continuous change, continuous improvement and deliver the best possible student experience.


The Student Barometer™ (SB) is the definitive measure of the student experience. The Student Barometer™ tracks and compares the decision-making, expectations, perceptions and intentions of students from application to graduation. With our customised approach, we give your international and domestic students a voice and we give you the full picture, surveying students across all fields and levels of study. Your Barometer enables you to make informed decisions to improve the whole student experience.





  • What is the Student Barometer?

    The Student Barometer is the global benchmark for the student experience. It tracks and compares the decision-making, expectations, perceptions and intentions of students from application through to graduation and can include distance learners, part-timers, language students, pathway students, international students and those on additional campuses.

  • Does i-graduate run the Destination of Leavers from Higher Education (DLHE) Survey?

    Yes. In fact, in the UK we are the largest supplier of the DLHE survey to colleges and have worked with a number of leading universities. We are HEFCE’s preferred supplier and we have never failed to reach a response rate target and have an exceptionally low decliner rate of less than 5%.

  • What bespoke research solutions can you help with?

    Since 2005 we have delivered a vast number of bespoke projects for governments, government agencies, universities, colleges, pathway providers and schools worldwide. From national-level transnational education strategy to international branch campus consultancy, we can help.

  • Do you publish results?

    No. We provide a framework for institutions to drive improvement enabling them to provide a better student experience. All i-graduate survey results are strictly confidential and we do not publish or rank results.

  • What deliverables will I receive?

    Deliverables vary for each product and may include face-to-face feedback presentations, breakdown sheets, open comments and ranking sheets. Data can also be presented via Interact, our data visualisation tool, enabling institutions to drill down into results relevant to them.

  • Where can I find out more?

    Please visit for our full product list or contact