Quality Mark update for all schools and Early Years settings (January 2023)

Quality Mark has moved into its 25th year of business and we thank all our schools and settings for their continued support over this time.

From a government initiative through the Basic Skills agency in the mid 90’s to where it is now, Quality Mark has added value to thousands of schools and Early Years settings across the country, recognising quality of provision in English and mathematics.

Across this 25-year timeline, the focus for schools and settings has changed, with a greater emphasis on multi academy trusts, collaboration and partnerships across schools and a focus on driving improvement from within, an award has been less important over recent years.

We are proud to be at a time where Quality Mark can set schools and settings free to continue their excellent work and drive forward quality and improvement themselves.

We have therefore made the decision to stop delivering the Quality Mark Award in English and mathematics across the UK. 

For those schools and Early Years settings partway through their Quality Mark journey, we will honour the outstanding visits and timelines of the awards. Awards will still be valid for the term of the Quality Mark Agreement.

We won’t be renewing any further Quality Mark Awards in the UK moving forward beyond those schools and settings who have signed their agreements.

If you have any questions about your specific Quality Mark journey, then please do contact enquiries.qualitymark@tribalgroup.com for additional information.