Revolutionising the process for improving English and mathematics in Further Education and Skills.

The Quality Mark for FE & Skills is a standard that supports providers to improve English and mathematics provision. 

Through specialist support, dialogue and professional challenge and scrutiny, providers will increase their capacity to improve. A uniquely focused lens will allow for English and mathematics across all provision types to be assessed.
Its structure and model of delivery increases providers' capacity for improvement, providing staff with a deeper understanding of high-quality teaching, and supporting the professional dialogue to improve practice.
Quality Mark Further Education & Skills can be flexed to suit each provider's vision and can be embedded in day-to-day practice without adding additional burden to workloads. It provides the roadmap for your organisation’s excellence in the provision of English and mathematics.


What you can expect from your Quality Mark journey

  • Better prepare learners for the workplace and improve English and mathematics achievement

    Quality Mark provides the framework and guidance to support continuous improvement and ensure English and mathematics priorities are being addressed. It increases your staff's capacity to affect improved learner attainment.

  • Evidence your organisation’s quality improvement and prepare for inspection

    The framework empowers staff to undertake rigorous,
    evidence-based self-evaluation that identifies strengths,
    prioritises key areas for development and identifies the
    impact of your practice. 

  • Provide staff with a deeper understanding of high-quality learning and the tools to continually improve practice

    The Quality Mark audit tool covers all aspects of practice  - structural characteristics are interwoven with process quality factors to give staff a holistic view and clear focus for improvement.

  • Embed a consistent approach to quality across all funding and provision

    Quality Mark provides a single framework covering all funding and provision types, including Study Programme, Adult and Community Learning and Apprenticeships. It can be flexed to suit each provider’s vision and can be embedded into your day-to-day practice without adding additional burden to workloads.

  • Get more from your organisation’s investment in improvement strategies

    Quality Mark is completely geared towards continuous quality improvement, rather than one-off consultancy, and subsequently builds your capacity and capability to implement improvements.

  • Fast-track new staff members’ adoption of the organisation's approach to quality improvement

    Provide the clear structure and process for new staff to adopt so all staff members contribute to whole-organisation improvement.

Inform your 2021 TAG process

Hear how Leeds City College optimised their 2020 CAG process, with the support of Quality Mark, resulting in just 24 appeals out of 29,000 qualifications.

Adopting the Quality Mark

The Quality Mark is a standard has been developed in partnership with Leeds City College. It comprises 11 elements ranging from Governance and Strategy, the review process for different groups, and how providers engage with parents and stakeholders. Each element enables providers to focus on key aspects of provision with accompanying evidence. Adopting the Quality Mark involves the completion of an audit toolkit and a 2-4 day assessment visit carried out by a credible assessor with extensive educational leadership and/or inspection experience.

The Quality Mark Assessor carries out an on-site visit to validate activity as set out in the self-evaluation audit tool. Through this process, professional dialogue and evidence review enables providers to gain a deep insight into the strengths and areas for improvement of their English and mathematics provision.

As a provider, you will be awarded the Quality Mark when you demonstrate that the criteria for all 11 elements of the framework are met and provide evidence that participation in the award has had a positive impact on provision and practice.

All practitioners, and others involved with the provider, whether paid or voluntary, should be involved in helping to achieve the Quality Mark award. Involvement in the process will contribute to the development of leadership and management skills such as auditing, action planning, monitoring and evaluating, in a practical context and with a tangible outcome.