Science and Maths Continuous Professional Development for teachers in England:  

 - what are the system challenges we currently face, and what can we learn from the school-led hub delivery model? 


Session recorded: 5th July 2023



The webinar panel comprises experts in national CPD models discussing such topics as: 


  • The challenges around continuous professional development currently experienced by teachers of Science and Maths. Are there any differences for Science teachers versus Maths teachers?
  • What we have learned from the STEM and NCETM school-hubs delivery model - where they are working well, and where they might be improved. 
  • The relevance of the study recently completed by Toby Greany and colleagues at University of Nottingham, "Equity and Quality in Local Learning Systems: The Case Of Primary Maths CPD" and the lessons learned for science.
  • How STEM and Maths CPD is likely to change over the next 5-10 years, and what the impact of technology could be.  
  • Different delivery models seen in other leading OECD nations. 

We welcome attendees from all schools, colleges and universities.  This event will be of particular interest to those involved in teacher training, science education, and policy development, as well as those from wider industry. 


Session Recording



Panel contributors:


Tribal Panel Chair: 

Sue Madgwick (Deputy Director, National Centre for Excellence in the Teaching of Mathematics (NCETM)

Sue joined the NCETM as Director for Professional Development Leadership and Evaluation, and became Deputy Director in 2019. Sue has over 30 years' experience working in secondary education, previously working in maths teacher training, school inspection and as an LA advisor.


Guest Panel Members:   

  • Professor Emily Perry (Head of Sheffield Institute of Education Centre for Research and Knowledge Exchange )
    Emily works in local, national and international contexts to manage, develop and assure the quality of large-scale teacher development programmes, with a particular focus on science teachers, including writing curriculum materials, facilitating, quality assuring and researching teacher professional learning.

  • Professor Leigh Hoath (Professor of Science Education, Leeds Trinity University)

    Prof Leigh Hoath leads science education at Leeds Trinity University and is the Chair-Elect of the Association for Science Education (ASE) as well as being a regular contributor to their conferences and publications. She is an author of science books across the primary and secondary age phases as well as the outreach and engagement consultant to the world’s largest chemical company (BASF). Leigh is also a consultant to BBC Teach where she developed the Blue Planet Live teacher resources and live lesson, and most recently created the content for their climate and sustainability focussed campaign ‘The Regenerators’.