Customer Satisfaction

Posted by Semestry

As we all know, customer satisfaction is all about meeting expectations and is a vital part of achieving any success.

One of our recent customers has been scheduling their student timetables for the first time with TermTime.

All of this under the added pressure and demands created by the Covid pandemic and developing strategies for delivering the curriculum.

Rena Silver is part of our development team and is actively involved in the implementation of TermTime to new customers.

At the beginning of this new academic year, our customer was very impressed with Rena’s commitment in helping them to not only meet their deadlines for publishing their student timetables, but also with Rena’s expert help in delivering blended and on-line activity schedules.

To show this appreciation, our customer presented Rena with a token of their satisfaction in the form of a bottle of champagne.

Thanks from the Semestry team too Rena and thank you to our customer, a great way to show your satisfaction.

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