Eight Institutions Select Semestry to Help Deliver the Right Schedule for Everyone

Posted by Semestry

Since Tribal Group’s acquisition of Semestry in April 2021, eight institutions across the UK and Europe, including City University of London, Universiteit Leiden, and Russell Group member University of Exeter, have selected Semestry to help improve the experience students and staff have with their schedules.

“It’s no secret that learning experiences are changing. To keep up, institutions are being asked to rethink how they schedule resources to meet the changing academic priorities and individual needs of students and staff,” said Mark Pickett, Chief Executive Officer, Tribal Group.

That’s where Semestry comes in. Using smart, dynamic timetabling technology, Semestry’s TermTimeExamTime, and MyTimetable solutions will help these institutions unite the power of complex scheduling constraints with a simpler, richer experience for students and staff that integrates seamlessly into their everyday lives. The result is a fundamentally-dynamic, distinctly personalized timetable experience for everyone.

“Our goal is to enable institutions to foster greater wellbeing through personlised schedules that allow for individual engagement and choice,” said Pickett. “We are excited to partner with these institutions and support them in their journey to provide the right schedules for everyone.”

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