MyTimetable 2019.16: Provisioning enhancements, locale fixes and Java 11

Posted by MyTimeTable Team

MyTimetable 2019.16 has just been released. This is a rather big release for us, with many under-the-hood changes to the frameworks we are using. We also took the time to improve our provisioning API and included some small fixes.

Provisioning API

MyTimetable already included a provisioning API that allowed for programmatic creation and removal of users and calendar synchronisations. We have expanded this to allow API users to provide a display name, locale, roles and additional attributes for users. This way a user will see the right timetable from the start, without the need to login through the SSO provider first.

Full documentation of the new provisioning API is available on our wiki.

Locale fixes

Together with the improvements to the provisioning API, we have made some changes to the locale handling in MyTimetable. This component determines the interface language we present to the user. Previously, if a user was provisioned or visited MyTimetable through the API from an external application, we would set the user up with the default MyTimetable locale. This may not always be the locale the user is expecting. From now on, we will determine the locale of the user the first time they logon to the application, based on their browser language and cookie history.

Java 11

Under the hood we have been making rather large upgrades to MyTimetable. The application has now been upgraded to use Java 11 and Spring 5. This allows our developers to take advantage of some new language features, and futureproofs our application security-wise.

These changes do mean that you will have to upgrade your local Java Runtime Environment to Java 11 during the upgrade to the latest MyTimetable version. Our wiki installation instructions will be updated in the near future. For managed hosting customers, Java will be upgraded automatically.

Various small fixes and improvements

MyTimetable 2019.16 includes various small enhancements and fixes, including:

  • The iCal-feeds, external calendaring integration and API will report the enrollment status if it is available.
  • External calendaring syncs would sometimes lose some of their automatically added subscriptions. This has been fixed.
  • Selection of groups was broken if multiple timetables included the same activities. This has been fixed.

As always, our full list of changes can be found in the release notes on the wiki.


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