MyTimetable 2020.11: Availability view PDF

Posted by MyTimeTable Team

MyTimetable 2020.11 will be released later this week and will include a PDF export option for the availability view.

Support personnal within a university, like cleaning staff and facility management, often still have a need for a physical hard-copy timetable showing the times rooms are occupied and available. To assist in this, the upcoming MyTimetable release will provide a PDF export of our availability view. A small sample can be found below.


Sample availability view PDF export

We hope this new functionality will make life easier for some of our users. At this moment, the export shows the basic information of the timetable. In the future we may add additional information where possible, but unfortunately paper size is limited. We would love to hear your thoughts.As always, you will be able to find the full list of changes in the release notes on the wiki as soon as MyTimetable 2020.11 has been released.


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