MyTimetable 2020.6: Improving change notifications

Posted by MyTimeTable Team

MyTimetable 2020.6 has been released, improving change notifications for Syllabus Plus users.

In this new MyTimetable update we have improved the algorithm that generates the unique activity identifier for Scientia Syllabus Plus activities in MyTimetable. Whereas the old algorithm tied the activity identifier to the exact date of the activity, the new algorithm ties the activity identifier to the calendar week of the activity. If in-week repetition is used, a postfix will be added to make sure all activity identifiers are still unique.

In practice this means that if an activity is rescheduled to another day, the user will now get a proper ‘activity moved’ notification. In the old situation, the user would get an ‘activity cancelled’ and an ‘activity added’ notification as the activity identifier changed.

We hope this improves the user’s notification experience.

As always, our full list of changes can be found in the release notes on the wiki.


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