MyTimetable 2021.24: changes in API

Posted by MyTimeTable Team

We have released MyTimetable 2021.24 with some changes in the API that may be relevant to some users. We have also made various improvements to our mobile experience. Details can be found below.

Content type negotation by extension removed

It is no longer possible to specify the return content type in API requests in the URL. Where is was previously possible to request a URL like /api/v0/timetable.xml or /api/v0/users.json, it it now required to request /api/v0/timetable or /api/v0/users and specify an HTTP Accept header. If no Accept header is provided, the default response type will be JSON. Acceptable content types are application/json and application/xml.

This change should not affect most customers and all customers affected have already been contacted separately.

Please also note that XML output is deprecated and should not be used for new integrations. Existing integrations should migrate to JSON output as soon as reasonably possible.

Mobile improvements

We fixed many bugs related to navigation and scroll positioning in the mobile interface. We hope these changes greatly improve the experience of users on mobile devices.

As always, the full list of changes is available in the release notes on the wiki.


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