Publishing Scientia Exam Scheduler timetables with MyTimetable

Posted by MyTimeTable Team

MyTimetable has added Scientia Exam Scheduler to its wide range of connectors, which also includes Scientia’s Syllabus Plus, Semestry TermTime and Untis. The new connector allows Syllabus Plus users to publish exam timetables from Exam Scheduler, without the need to feed back exam activities into Syllabus Plus.

As with student and staff timetables, exam timetables can be automatically shown after login. Integration with calendaring applications is also available through iCalendar subscriptions, and by pushing timetables to Microsoft Office 365, Microsoft Exchange and Google Apps for Education.


Demo setup of MyTimetable displaying taught activities and Web Room Bookings from Syllabus Plus, exams from Scientia Exam Scheduler, and extracurricular activities from Semestry Term Time.


Please contact us for more information on the features offered by MyTimetable.

This integration has been developed independently from Scientia. Eveoh is not affiliated in any way to Scientia.


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