Renewed TermTime data provider available

Posted by MyTimeTable Team

A renewed data provider for Semestry TermTime is now available in MyTimetable. This data provider feeds the timetabling data in to MyTimetable using the standards-based TermTime HTTP API. It also unlocks a load of new MyTimetable features that were previously unavailable for TermTime customers.

Over the last couple of MyTimetable versions we have been working hard on implementing a new data provider, based on the TermTime API. In close cooperation with Semestry, new functionality has been implemented in MyTimetable and TermTime, giving TermTime users the optimal experience when using MyTimetable. Since MyTimetable 2019.10 most of these improvements are available to our customers.

The new data provider brings several improvements:

  • Building, group and module offer timetables have been added.
  • TermTime timetables in MyTimetable can now be filtered on faculty, course or building.
  • Group selection is available for module offer timetables.
  • Several additional features, like room bookings and tag-based filtering, will be added in the upcoming weeks.

If you would like to know more about this new data provider or Semestry TermTime, please contact us through


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