NTP Tuition Partner Case Study - The Learners Collective

Posted by NTP Quality Assurance Team on January 29, 2024

The Learners Collective and the National Tutoring Programme

The Learners Collective logo

National Tutoring Programme Tuition Partner, The Learners Collective is a Gen-Z targeted tutoring organisation, made specifically for disadvantaged pupils. The Learners Collective connects pupils with tutors (known as 'Scholars') who are leaders from top universities from underrepresented backgrounds who are able to connect with pupils through their lived experience for academic and personal mentorship. 

This Tuition Partner takes an evidence-based approach to online tuition, placing underrepresented pupils at the heart of its pedagogical practice. Their work is underpinned by three core qualities: authenticity, agency, and oracy. Their overarching mission is to prepare pupils not just for exams but also their personal and professional pursuits. 

King Edwards Camp Hill School for Boys (KEVICHB)

Since 2021, The Learners Collective has supported King Edwards Camp Hill School for Boys (KEVICHB) with online tuition and have gone on to provide the school with support through the National Tutoring Programme. Bearing in mind a backdrop of almost 30% of its students eligible for Pupil Premium, it is one of the most academically-successful schools in the UK. 

COVID catch up learning intervention

The Learners Collective was initially enlisted by King Edwards Camp Hill School for Boys to provide catch-up tuition to a small number of its Year 11 and Year 13 students whose progress was disrupted by the pandemic. Following demonstrable positive academic outcomes from the Tuition Partner's provision, over 250 key stage 3, 4 and 5 pupils received a programme of Tutoring through The Learners Collective. The programme was mobilised at pace, being rolled out just 10 working days after the school's initial request. 

Key objectives for the tuition outlined by King Edwards Camp Hill School for Boys included developing the pupils' soft skills, such as metacognition and emotional intelligence, in addition to improving academic outcomes. The Learners Collective's 'Scholars' had consulted the school leaders and devised bespoke strategies to ensure a highly personalised learning experience for each pupil. A 15-hour programme of small group learning was advised, dedicating a proportion of tutoring time to personal-professional mentorship through The Learners Collective Dialogues. In each session, Scholars engaged the pupils in a  15 to 20 minute dialogue to challenge their understanding of themselves and the world – and build confidence in the value of their lived experience.

The Learners Collective assessed the pupils and identified three key groups:

  • Those identified as disadvantaged.
  • Those performing below their target grades.
  • Those identified as gifted and talented, seeking the highest grades.

Analysing the impact of tutoring

At the end of programme of tutoring, the Learners Collective analysed a combination of internal and school-reported assessment data. In just 15-hours, almost 90 percent of pupils had made expected or above expected academic improvements – achieving, at least, a one-point grade increase in their tutorial assessment. 97 percent of pupils felt more confident in achieving higher marks – and 88 percent more assured of their personal abilities.

What Pupils and staff thought of tutoring
“My Scholar has made me more comfortable and confident to be myself. Since working with The Learners Collective, I have grown physically and mentally all thanks to [them]” - Year 10 student. 

“Having my Scholar be of the same culture as me has been a good match. I feel he understands me. [My Scholar] was able to teach their lessons very efficiently, allowing for ample content to be learnt thoroughly. They provide methods of remembering content that otherwise would take a while to master” - Year 10 student. 

“I have definitely become much more proactive with my revision, and I am now much more confident with expressing my opinion during lessons and contributing to the class. [My Scholar's] methods of teaching made me feel welcomed and included, and [they were] always friendly" - Year 11 student. 

“I have been incredibly impressed with The Learners Collective, from both an academic and organisational perspective. Their customer service and responsiveness is the best of any tuition company I have worked with, whilst the tutorials stand out due to the depth of questioning and the detailed weekly feedback” - Samuel Brear, Former Catch-up Coordinator.