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The application process to become an approved Tuition Partner with the National Tutoring Programme has changed


The process for accepting applications to become an approved Tuition Partner for the National Tutoring Programme has changed. 


For organisations now wishing to apply, in addition to uploading the evidence to support how the organisation meets the NTP Framework criteria, a supporting letter from at least one school will be required. This will need to be on headed notepaper, signed and dated by the Headteacher/Principal explaining that, if the application is successful, they will spend their NTP funding with the organisation. This letter needs to be uploaded as part of the applicant’s submission on the eAccreditation portal. The last date for submitting an application, with a supporting letter, is the 31 July 2024. 


Please note: from 1 July 2024, if an organisation submits an application to become a National Tutoring Programme tuition partner and they are not successful at the initial ‘due diligence’ phase of the review process, they will be unable to reapply. This is because there would be insufficient time to complete a review before the end of the programme.


Similarly, where an organisation has passed the ‘due diligence’ phase and is unsuccessful after their evidence has been reviewed, they are also unable to reapply for the same reasons outlined above.


Existing Tuition Partners can continue to deliver tuition through NTP up until 31st August 2024.  


As the Quality Assurance partner for NTP, Tribal works closely with the tutoring sector and the Department for Education to deliver a robust quality assurance process for approval and ongoing reviews of existing Tuition Partners. This ensures the delivery of high-quality tuition and the best possible experience for schools and pupils.  

About NTP Tuition Partner Quality Assurance

Learn more about the National Tutoring Programme and how tuition providers can become quality assured through Tribal to deliver tutoring as part of NTP. 


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“…We encourage schools to promote the programme among pupils and parents alike. Working together with schools and our high-quality tutors, we can help disadvantaged pupils catch up.”

- John Salmon, Director at Bright Heart Education

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