Becoming an approved NTP
Tuition Partner

The application process to become an approved Tuition Partner with the National Tutoring Programme has changed

Thank you for your interest in applying to become a Tuition Provider on the National Tutoring Programme (NTP).  

We are now only accepting applications from organisations who, in addition to uploading the evidence to support how they meet the NTP Framework criteria, provide a supporting letter from at least one school stating that should the organisation’s application be successful, they will be spending their NTP funding with the named organisation. This letter will need to be on headed notepaper, signed and dated by the Headteacher/Principal and uploaded as part of an organisation’s submission on the eAccreditation portal. The last date for submitting an application (with a supporting letter) is the 31 July 2024 

Please note: from 1 July 2024, if an organisation submits an application to become a National Tutoring Programme tuition partner and they are not successful at the initial ‘due diligence’ phase of the review process, they will be unable to reapply. This is because there would be insufficient time to complete a review before the end of the programme.

Similarly, where an organisation has passed the ‘due diligence’ phase and is unsuccessful after their evidence has been reviewed, they are also unable to reapply for the same reasons outlined above.

Existing Tuition Partners can continue to deliver tuition through NTP up until 31st August 2024.  


The application process

1. Download and review the Tuition Partner Framework CriteriaFramework Template and Guidance Handbook. These include guidance to support you with the evidence required for your application. 

2. Create an account on our secure eAccreditation Portal.

Follow the prompts to submit your organisation’s details, pricing information, tuition offer and delivery location before proceeding to the Framework stage.

Upload evidence aligned to the Tuition Partner Framework Criteria across three elements: Organisation, Safeguarding & Safer Recruitment, and Quality of Provision. Robust evidence against each criterion will be required to be eligible for consideration to become a Tuition Partner. 

3. The full application review process will be completed within 20 working days (excluding public holidays). 

* If you are a sole proprietor, please send us an enquiry at, with 'sole proprietor' as the subject line. 

eAccreditation Portal

There are some useful resources available to help you navigate the eAccreditation Portal, including a guide with step-by-step instructions for how to submit your application.   

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