SITS:Vision is one of the world’s leading student- and course-management solutions for further (Scotland) and higher education. It is currently used by 60% of the UK HE market and a number of institutions around the world including the University of Sydney.

Over the years, SITS:Vision has evolved to become the best solution on the market ahead of the competition in terms of meeting statutory reporting requirements and is used by 12 of the 24 UK Russell Group of Universities including the University of Oxford.

SITS:Vision manages student administrative processes, from initial enquiry through to graduation and alumni, and acts as the central point of information on students and their qualifications.

SITS:Vision integrates a range of  supporting applications, including:

  • finance systems
  • campus-access systems
  • library systems
  • estates management
  • human-resources systems
  • virtual-learning environments.

SITS:Vision is made up of five module groups, each designed to address the needs of the main business functions within a college or university. Modules are then selected and implemented to meet the individual requirements of each client.

S:V Admissions

S:V Admissions is a set of components that manage the recruitment of students. It covers the entire process, including the management of all enquiries, agency applications (eg via UCAS in the UK) and direct online processing of paperless applications.

S:V Programmes

S:V Programmes is a set of components designed to manage student curricula, assessment tracking, examinations, timetabling, attendance monitoring, the calculation of module results and award classification.

S:V Students

S:V Students is a course-registration solution that manages enrolments, fees processing, invoicing, bursaries and scholarships, progression, assessment, research students, placements, alumni and student surveys.

S:V System Tools

S:V System Tools sits at the heart of SITS:Vision and provides users with the tools to analyse, process and extract data in a variety of ways that are suited to business-process requirements. The tools are flexible and customisable, allowing staff to extract key management information for decision making. They utilise the latest innovations in workflow, automation, document management and interoperability with other systems.


e-Vision is our self-service web front end to SITS:Vision that is used by institutions in a tailored fashion to offer the most up to date information and functionality for students, staff, prospective students and alumni over the web.


Our SITS:Vision support services include:

  • a dedicated ‘mysits’ support portal for our clients to log help calls, book consultancy and training, download hotfixes and software releases and access a discussion forum used by our clients and product experts
  • user-group membership, which includes access to regional user sessions, as well as specialist product-interest groups
  • our user group is the largest and most active in the UK

Professional services

The provision of quality information systems requires more than just software. Fully-trained staff, quality processes and reliable systems all contribute to an effective system. Tribal has the skills and knowledge to develop, implement and maintain cutting-edge services to enable our clients to gain the maximum return on their investment.

Our services range from one-day training courses through to full project management of system implementation. 


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PRESS RELEASE: Tribal provides University of Oxford with market-leading Student Management System

The University of Oxford has selected Tribal’s market-leading student management software system, SITS: Vision, to support over 21,000 students and 7,500 academic and administrative staff across the collegiate University.


PRESS RELEASE: Queensland University staff set to benefit from access to leading student admissions system

University of Queensland (UQ) has appointed Tribal to supply their new student admissions system.