PeoplePlus and the power of live learner data - with Maytas and BI

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PeoplePlus, one of the UK’s leading skills and training providers, works concurrently with many thousands of apprentices and across more than 2,000 employer branch sites. Tribal provides PeoplePlus with Maytas, their flexible Learning Management System, alongside Maytas Hubs and Business Intelligence (BI).

Impacting the lives of 1 million people by 2022

An organisation with a clearly stated social mission, PeoplePlus helps people transform their lives, get jobs, keep jobs or develop their careers. They source and retain sustainable employment for their learners, whilst working with employers to develop workforces of the future. PeoplePlus’ employer clients include Marks and Spencer, Sainsburys, Co-op and Lloyds Bank and the organisation works with national, devolved and local government funders, the length and breadth of the UK.

Tribal software allows their apprenticeships team to efficiently manage the wealth of apprenticeship data from thousands of apprenticeships over a range of courses and employers. Through BI, they can share with employers reports and dashboards which has been game changing for their business.

A complete view of learner progress

Ian French, Head of MI at PeoplePlus said:

“We wanted to have a single accurate view of learner progress across the learner journey. Tribal systems allow us to do this though flexible, integrated and forward-thinking software. We have one central database for the ILR data and e-portfolios which is easy to use and means the data is already integrated.”

Building transparency and trust with live learner data

The BI module has the potential to drive cost reduction and improve productivity, using the right combination of tools and methodologies to ensure that decision making is based on the best possible information. BI has enabled PeoplePlus to determine behaviours through real time data, meaning they can identify potential risks and act quickly to intervene. BI also allows the administration functions to allocate work to assessors based on the data reported.

The team at PeoplePlus use BI dashboards in their reports for several large corporate clients. They also use dashboards for their internal administration teams and data funding teams. The intention is to share learner progression with clients to allow an open view of real-time results. Many of PeoplePlus’ clients utilise BI dashboards to enable them to drill into the data to view specific cohorts of learners. Thus, clients can pull from the data any issues that need addressing and identify the learner success stories that can be celebrated. The BI dashboards give them a single version of the truth, removing the need for spreadsheets which are open to errors and data inaccuracies.

Ian continued:

“Using BI has been a real game changer for our business and the visual impact is immense. BI really gives us a competitive advantage in the market place, the software is flexible, allowing us to customise reports and dashboards based on client preferences and their business model. There is transparency in the data, which helps to build trust between the training provider and employer.”

Looking to the Future

As apprenticeships grow for PeoplePlus, their internal strategy is to move all data onto BI, to remove any need for spreadsheets and the resulting errors that can occur. They are looking at utilising Tribal’s online application forms for their larger clients, creating a seamless experience and are interested in the capabilities that Tribal Communities offers them.

Working with Tribal

Ian French, Head of MI at PeoplePlus said:

“This is just the beginning for us, I can see our use of Tribal technology growing. We’ve been through an extensive data migration, and with Tribal’s help we were able to complete a batch submission within two weeks. Within a couple of months, we had the data in a live environment, with live dashboards our clients and internal teams are utilising these daily. The help we have received from Tribal to achieve this has been exemplary. Tribal’s Cloud Services team managed this project alongside our internal project manager and did a great job.”

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