Assuring the quality of teaching provision in European Schools for the 8th year running!

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In 2017, Tribal was awarded the Department for Education (DfE) contract for the third successive time to supply the UK inspectors who will provide assurance over the quality of teaching and advise on curriculum and all pedagogical matters in European Schools (ES).

Despite the uncertain political climate and the possibility of the contract being shortened to coincide with Britain’s exit from the European Union, the standard and quality of Tribal’s work inspecting ES schools has never been in doubt.

First awarded in 2012, and again in 2015 and 2017; the existing contract has been extended into 2020. Tribal’s trusted inspectors will be reviewing the work of teachers as well as comparing the standard of work attained and the quality of teaching methods across all 13 schools. A key part of their role is to provide headteachers and teaching staff with the results of their findings, highlighting any opportunities for improvement.

The UK Nursery and Primary Inspector and the UK Secondary Inspector supplied by Tribal are also responsible for:

  • Corresponding with teachers to agree their performance objectives, ensuring they are focused on meeting the required ES teaching standards
  • Visiting schools annually to observe lessons and provide feedback on the performance of each UK teacher
  • Undertaking contract renewal assessments, discussing teachers’ continued employment with the director (headteacher) and providing a written report, including recommendation, to the DfE
  • Ensuring the DfE’s Pay and Performance Policy for ES Seconded Teachers is implemented for all seconded UK teachers
  • Working closely with the ES team at the DfE, the Office of the Secretary-General of the ES in Brussels, the individual European Schools and other stakeholders, and attending various Inspectors’ meetings in Brussels, to represent UK interests.

In addition, Tribal’s UK Secondary Inspector is also responsible for developing the English component of the European Baccalaureate (EB) examination and the quality control of the annual English written and oral exams. Two English Experts will be supporting the UK Secondary Inspector in this important work.

The European Schools’ system was first established in 1957 as part of an intergovernmental treaty (known as “the Convention”) to provide free education to the children of the staff of European Union Institutions and their agencies through mother-tongue teaching of the curriculum. As part of its treaty obligations and linked to the UK’s EU membership, the DfE is required to provide two school inspectors to represent UK interests in the European Schools and assure the quality of school provision.

As the UK’s EU membership is currently under negotiation, the new contract with Tribal’s inspectors is being extended on a rolling one-year basis, subject to business need. 

Tribal is increasingly recognised as a safe and trusted pair of hands for Departments of Education around the globe who need to assure the quality of their provision – from early years, through schools, and higher and further education.

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