Brunel University London set to transform student support services with Tribal’s Student Support and Wellbeing solution.

Posted by Ella Higham

Brunel University London is a leading multidisciplinary research-intensive technology university delivering economic, social, and cultural benefits. Its mission is to bring service to society through excellence in education, research, and knowledge transfer.

As part of Brunel's endeavour to provide the very best for their students, the university set upon a six-month student contact project focusing on student enquiries. The project involved reviewing all the enquiries and communications between the university and students. Initial audits showed that the university's student enquiries were managed across multiple departments and processed with a variety of different methods. Enquiry management for some departments were through a system, whereas others were via excel spreadsheets or monitoring them through email. Results found that 20-30% of enquiries were forwarded on to various departments, highlighting a significant need to improve and standardise their processes to improve the student experience.

Students and employees both submitted feedback, admitting there was confusion regarding students understanding where the services were, what they were called, and how to access them. The research project quickly highlighted the need for a CRM that could replace all existing systems and offer a centralised system for all of their student enquiries.

Tribal is delighted to have been selected to transform Brunel's student engagement with our Student Support & Wellbeing solution. From cross-platform enquiry management to handling individual student needs, Student Support and Wellbeing enables all forms of student support to be securely managed in the cloud.

Helen Coleman, Chief Student and Staff Service Officer at Brunel University London said:

"We are very excited to be working with Tribal to enhance our students' experience. The core functionality of Tribal Student Support and Wellbeing resonated with the team. It is extremely important to the university to route enquiries to the correct department in a timely manner and identify students at risk as early as possible. Not forgetting the integration with SITS, this was an important consideration as we are looking for a long-term solution". 

James Cooke, Account Director at Tribal Group, concluded:

"We are delighted that Brunel University London has chosen Tribal to revolutionise the way they interact with students. We are very much looking forward to improving the institution's processes and offering a solution that  creates a personal approach to student engagement."



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