Secret Santa with a lasting difference


Over the course of 2018 Tribal undertook a variety of fundraising activities including the launch of Tribal’s staff volunteering scheme, all placing an emphasis on giving back to local communities. The Tribal Nottingham office wanted to carry that mentality forward throughout the holiday season.

Secret Santa with a lasting difference

Along with many others, Tribal is no exception to the festive tradition of ‘Secret Santa’. If you’ve taken part in Secret Santa before, you will know the drill. A group of people are assigned a name, usually pulled out of a hat, of someone within the group to anonymously buy a gift for. Usually, these are token gifts which are often consumed or throw away.

At the end of last year, the Tribal Nottingham office decided to do something of lasting value with their gifts. Instead of buying Secret Santa gifts for one another, each employee gave the amount they would have spent to gift to a Nottingham-based charity, ThinkForward.

Instead of spending time opening gifts from their Secret Santa, the Nottingham office enjoyed an alternative festive quiz. With this simple idea, Tribal’s Nottingham office have managed to donate £130 to ThinkForward this week. We are delighted that our people choose to give back to our local communities in this way whilst living out Tribal’s vision, to empower education.

ThinkForward: helping young people transition successfully from school to work

ThinkForward is a charity that seeks to support young people who are most at risk of becoming unemployed, focusing on individuals and their transitions from school to work. They provide one-to-one support from ThinkForward coaches as part of long-term programmes. All programmes have the common goal of helping young people reach their full potential when they come to leave education.

The charity works in areas with some of the highest intergenerational unemployment schools across the UK in London, Kent and in Nottingham from 2016.  Despite Nottingham being a hub for local and national businesses, statistics reveal many young people from Nottingham North are not progressing into sustained jobs with 1 in 3 living in a workless household.

ThinkForward currently operates in five schools in north Nottingham and St Ann’s running coaching programmes. Young people benefit from targeted ‘ready for work’ activities including work experience placements, business mentoring programmes, and entry-level jobs.

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