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Student success is underpinned by knowledge and expertise; great software and services; and a lot of inspiration. And that's exactly what we provide to you.

Anyone providing education wants to see it continually adapt and improve in an ever changing world.

That's why we help you to manage your student lifecycle, whilst providing the best student experience possible, with our student information systems. It's why we help you to improve the quality of the education you provide with a focused range of education services. And it's why we help you to truly understand your business and your students, with industry-standard analysis and benchmarking solutions.

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How we can help you

You're amazing. Educating people is one of the most powerful things you can do.

We help you to be even more amazing. Whether you're working in early years and schools; further, vocational and higher education; or learning and training in employment. We know time is tight, so we develop data that you can access at your fingertips, quickly. We know the pressure is on to do more for less, so we make processes easier.

We know expectations change, so we design cutting edge technology that delights your customers. Ultimately, we make it our mission to enable you to improve the quality of your students' experience, operate more efficiently and deliver improved outcomes.

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Children in Class

Student Information Systems

Enhancing the student experience throughout their learning journey

Our Student Information Systems manage the complete student lifecycle from attracting new talent, through all day-to-day activities, and on to graduation and employment.

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Children in Class

Education Services

Partnering with you to improve quality and enhance your institutions performance

Our review and evaluation services provide insight and practical solutions to help improve the quality of education for thousands of children and young people.

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Girl in Class

Analysis and Benchmarking

Enabling a deeper understanding of your students and your institutions performance

We deliver comparative insight through surveys, benchmarking and analysis, to help you deliver a world class student experience and improved outcomes.

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