Online access to self-service tools: facilitate student engagement, improve communication workflow and ensure compliance

Campus is a modern cloud-based Student Information Solution (SIS) providing easy and secure online access to self-service tools designed for information sharing and collaboration. Process automation throughout the system improves administration and funding compliance, allowing more proactive time for attracting and retaining students.


Product Features

  • Supporting the entire student journey

    • Improving student experience
    • Retain students
    • Improving outcomes
  • Integrated solution

    • Underpin student success
    • Improve internal processes
    • Provide more proactive time for attracting and retaining students
  • Enhance communication with stakeholders

    • Our portals provide modern interfaces for use on any device
  • Promote greater engagement

    • Online collaboration tools
    • Multi-lingual environment



  • Is Tribal Campus suitable for the size of our education provider?

    Tribal Campus is a global leader only focussed on the education sector in the provision of cloud-based student management solutions. 

    We have a range of proven solutions to cater for any size organisations at both the enterprise and start-up levels, in public and private sectors.

  • How does Tribal Campus work?

    The Tribal Campus solution can be accessed anywhere and at any time simply through a standard web-browser. As a cloud solution, there is no need for you to install or maintain costly servers, networking equipment, security uproducts, or other hardware and equipment.

  • What support services are available?

    With a customer base that spans the globe and multiple time zones, Tribal Campus support is dedicated to helping all of our users and customers gain the most value possible from our solutions.

    With Service Level Agreements (SLA's) in place to respond to your issues rapidly, we pride ourselves on our high level of support and provide 3 levels to meet our client expectations.

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