An end-to-end Tribal solution to the new TCSI reporting

As TCSI replaces HEPCAT, Tribal Edge Submissions is designed to make your transition as easy as possible. Our solution provides an intuitive user interface to reduce risk and streamline submissions that works with any student management system across HE and VET providers.

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Product Features

  • Gives you full control

    • Choose to automate record approval and submission or manually approve records before submission
  • More than just an API

    • Quickly see which records are in error and make any amendments needed so you can make your submissions with confidence
  • Integration made easy

    • With easy integration to any current SMS we remove the complexity in determining what needs to be reported
  • Reduce risk

    • Reduce the risk of errors from manual processing with automated approvals
  • Streamlines submissions

    • Streamline submissions with clear visual indicators of which records need attention before submission


  • Do we have to use Tribal’s Student Management System (SMS) to get this solution?

    No, the Tribal Edge Submissions module works with any SMS. It can be integrated with any student management systems that can utilise the Edge API suite. If integration is not an option for you or you do not use an SMS, Tribal Edge Submissions allows uploading of multiple worksheet Microsoft Excel (XLSX) files.

  • How long would it take to implement and integrate this to our system?

    Tribal Edge Submissions’ API suite is fully documented and Representational State Transfer (REST) compliant. Integration is easily achieved using known web standards or you can get our Professional Services team to assist with your database integration.

  • Does Tribal Edge Submissions manage PRODA?

    Our solution is fully integrated into the Provider Digital Access (PRODA) system. Providers can add registration details, generate, manage and renew keys and access tokens. They can also be notified of upcoming device expiration. All they need is their PRODA device registration details.

  • How are the TCSI Notifications managed?

    Notifications from TCSI are retrieved as needed or on a user-defined schedule. They can be viewed, filtered, marked as read, marked as requiring action, extracted and downloaded. They can be viewed via the TCSI Notifications UI or at the appropriate entity level.

  • What does Tribal Edge Submissions provide us above the basic TCSI reporting?

    Tribal Edge Submissions is a complete solution that allows users to edit records, override SMS values, automate approvals, automate submission, search and filter records, extract and download records.

  • Can we see the solution now?

    Yes, the solution is ready! Although the TCSI Project is ongoing, a demo version of the solution is available. You can book a demo by clicking the below button.

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