A web-based learning environment designed to manage the assessment and delivery of Essential Skills

From Entry to Level 3, deliver a consistent and reliable approach to initial and diagnostic assessment, Individual Learning Plan (ILP) and learning materials.

WEST brings together a full suite of tools to support Essential Skills, including screeners, combined initial/diagnostic assessments, targeted learning plans and learning materials in Communication (English), Communication (Welsh), Application of Number, Digital Literacy and ESOL.


Product Features

  • Screener tools

    • 10 minute assessment
    • Broad outline of a learner's current skills
    • Allows setting of appropriate starting point
  • Combined initial/diagnostic assessment

    • In-depth assessment
    • Identifies competencies and development needs
  • Results and ILP

    • Automatically generates a targeted learning plan
  • Interactive learning materials

    • Automatically generates activities
    • Updates tasks as the learner demonstrates competencies
  • Diagnostic skills checks

    • Allows learner to show competency at that level


  • What Essential Skills does WEST cover?

    Communication, Application of Number, ESOL and Digital Literacy.

  • What range does the learning material cover?

    The learning materials cover all the way from Entry 1 (E1) to Level 3 (L3), with more complex scenarios being presented at L2/L3.

  • Which languages are supported?

    WEST is bilingual and supports Welsh and English.