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Student Support & Wellbeing 

Helping you guide and engage students with dedicated tailored support

Simplified, scalable and cloud-based student support for complex institutions.

Personalise the support you give to your students with outstanding engagement and self-service functionality.

Built on the Microsoft Power Platform and designed to integrate seamlessly with your Student Information System,  Tribal Student Support & Wellbeing is a full enquiry and case management software solution built for universities and colleges and delivered in the cloud.


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Enquiry and case management

Our solution provides comprehensive management of student welfare by leveraging case management, knowledge base, and central record functionalities. Complex cases are separated into individual issues and resolved by assigning and managing resources from multiple departments.

Dynamic self-help student portal

Create a responsive and accessible student portal with features such as an online knowledge base for FAQs, tracking support requests, and logging new requests. The portal also allows students to self-book services and participate in community building through forums and blogs.

Cloud-native and omni-channel

Securely cloud-native, central to the heart of the Student Support & Wellbeing solution are 'cases'. These can be created via multiple channels including live chat, video, email and student portal.

Personalised disability support

Identify and record any additional needs following an assessment. Manage funding requests and approvals, and maintain a complete list of student interactions with support and welfare teams from within a central record.

Streamlined and automated processes

Out-of-the-box automated workflows handle common scenarios, including intelligent routing of cases, resolutions, and other business processes. Students can switch between bot and human agents seamlessly without losing context.

Secure, compliant visual engagement

Security is vital - restrict access to only nominated users of the system. During co-browse sessions, any sensitive fields or strings within a student’s mobile app or web page can be masked. Agents can also push files securely to ensure compliance with institution privacy policies.


State of the Nation Report



State of the Nation Report


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