Education specific, enterprise-level student support, in the cloud.

Personalised student support with world-class engagement and self-service functionality.

From cross-platform enquiry management through to the handling of individual student needs, Tribal Student Support & Wellbeing enables all forms of student support to be securely managed in the cloud.

  • Enquiry and case management

    Building on a solid foundation of case management and knowledge base functionality, the Student Support & Wellbeing solution covers the full welfare agenda, allowing all forms of student support to be managed from within a central record. Process complex cases by separating them into individual issues. Assign and manage multiple departmental resources through to resolution of the case.

  • Dynamic self-help student portal

    Create a responsive, accessible and engaging student portal. Students can browse an online knowledge base to gain answers to FAQs, track progress on a previous support request, and log a new one. Where dialogue and a more personal service is required, allow students to self-book according to service type while building a community with discussion-based functionality including forums and blogs.

  • Cloud-native and omni-channel

    Securely cloud-native, central to the heart of the Student Support & Wellbeing solution are 'cases'. These can be created via multiple channels including live chat, video, email and student portal.

  • Personalised disability support

    Support the needs of students with disabilities. 

    Identify and record any additional needs following an assessment. Manage funding requests and approvals, and maintain a complete list of student interactions with support and welfare teams from within a central record.

  • Streamlined and automated processes

    Out of the box automated workflows handle common scenarios, including intelligent routing of cases, resolutions, and other business processes. Students can easily escalate a chat session from a bot to a human agent, or vice versa, without switching channels or repeating details as customer context is preserved across the journey.

  • Secure, compliant visual engagement

    Security is vital - restrict access to only nominated users of the system. During co-browse sessions, any sensitive fields or strings within a student’s mobile app or web page can be masked. Agents can also push files securely to ensure compliance with institution privacy policies.

World-class platforms with seamless integration

Built on the Microsoft Power Platform and designed to integrate seamlessly with student management systems,  Tribal Student Support & Wellbeing is a full enquiry and case management suite, built for education and delivered in the cloud.