An out-of-the-box student management system

Students are at the heart of what we do. Our solutions are designed to deliver the best experience for your students, throughout their journey. SITS Accelerate can be up and running in months. It’s specifically designed for higher education providers to manage and improve the student journey and transform the way your institution collects, collates, analyses, and shares information. 


Product Features

  • Student admissions

    • Online Admissions
    • Online Enrolment
  • Student retention

    • Placements
    • Dashboards and Charts
  • Student experience

    • Student Maintenance
    • Research Management
    • Exam Scheduling
    • Curriculum Management
  • Student finance

    • Fees and Payments
    • Funds and Scholarships
  • Student outcomes

    • Assesment
    • Progression and Awards
    • Graduations
    • Reporting, Dashboards and Charts


  • How is SITS Accelerate different to a standard SITS implementation?

    SITS Accelerate is aimed at institutions that require a rapid deployment of an end-to-end configured system based on standard processes and configuration and using the latest industry templates.

    SITS Accelerate allows institutes to transition from existing Student Management Systems to Tribal in a matter of days with minimal disruption. Recent examples of such transitions include HETI migrating from EduPoint to SITS Accelerate.  

  • What is the benefit of a SITS Accelerate delivery approach?

    Rapid deployment of SITS Accelerate means you can start realising project benefits sooner.  You can leverage industry standard templates enabling you to go-live faster than the traditional approach whilst maintaining the overall flexibility of SITS:Vision to configure unique requirements down the line.

  • Will we be able to accommodate our existing processes/procedures

    Yes.  In the early phases of the project we will conduct a fit/gap assessment of SITS Accelerate against your institutions go-live requirements.  For areas where you have unique requirements our Tribal consultants will work with the project team to understand the cost/benefit of configuring that requirement against making internal business process change.  We also recommend a learn and improve phase after go-live to focus on delivering non-priority requirements once users understand how the system works.

  • Will you support us with implementing the change?

    Our Transformation and Change consultants supply the enhanced support you need to manage technology and business change together; with a strong focus on realising project benefits and ensuring users accept and embed the change.

  • Will we be able to make our system different to those of our competitors?

    Even though SITS Accelerate will be based on industry standard templates you will have the ability to change elements within style sheets and update wording to ensure it reflects the language used within your institution.

  • Can Tribal maintain our SITS Accelerate system once live?

    Tribal offers managed services for our solutions and offsite consultancy services to further enhance your system if required.

  • Can we change the system once implemented to accommodate business/statutory changes?

    Yes, you will own the configuration and be trained in how to enhance the system so you will have the skills to make changes as required.

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