Support your students every step of the way

From recruitment and admissions, through to student support, retention and outcomes - SITS:Vision is specifically designed for higher education providers like you to manage and improve every aspect of the student journey.

Use SITS:Vision to transform the way staff collect, collate, analyse, share and act on information to deliver the best experience for every student across your university and help them achieve their learning outcomes.


Product Features

  • Student recruitment

    • Online Admissions Portal: Review and apply decisions to applications from submission to outcome.
    • Campaign & Comms Management: Plan communications, track interactions and increase engagement.
    • Applicant Ranking and Widening Participation: Ensure your university enrols the best students.
    • Clearing on the Web: Manage the whole confirmation and clearing process efficiently and in real time.
  • Student retention

    • Student Engagement: Track students’ level of engagement and plan early interventions.
    • Absence Management: Record and report on student absence and identify at-risk students.
    • Extenuating Circumstances: Manage the whole process from requests, and approvals to appeals and complaints.
  • Student experience

    • Student self-service: Students can manage all interactions with their university online.
    • Award Predictor: Allow students to view their progress and plan interventions.
    • Survey Manager: Communicate with your students and get their views on all aspects of university life.
  • Student outcomes

    • Progression and Pathways: Map students’ journey through their entire course.
    • Learning Outcome mapping: Define your curriculum beyond assessment providing a clear path for students and the skills they can learn.
    • Grade Point Averages: Flexible assessment patterns and approaches including grade point averages alongside traditional methods.
  • Student finance

    • Student Account Management: Administer student finance from paying fees to debt management.
    • Student Fund Management: Manage student bursaries, scholarship fee discounts and awards.
  • Interoperability

    • Degree Apprenticeships: Manage the whole process from ILR submission to placements.
    • Global payment solutions: Allow students to pay fees in their own currency.
    • University Apps: Connect and collaborate with academic staff and fellow students.
    • Statutory and compliance: Submit fully compliant returns to HESA, OfS, SLC and Graduate Outcomes.



  • What does SITS stand for?

    SITS stands for Strategic Information Technology Services.

  • Is it webhosted or do I have to host it from my server?

    Institutions can choose whether to host SITS:Vision in house or have Tribal host it externally. 

  • What is e:Vision?

    e:Vision is the SITS:Vision web portal, which can be used by both students and staff at the institution. 

  • Is e:Vision mobile friendly?

    Yes, e:Vision is indeed mobile compatible with tablets and mobile devices. 

  • How many institutions are currently using SITS:Vision?

    Over 140 institutions across 5 continents choose SITS:Vision - in fact over 60% of the UK HE market uses it! It is used by 12 of the 24 UK Russell Group of Universities including the University of Oxford.

  • What platform does SITS:Vision require?

    SITS:Vision is fully compatible with Microsoft and Oracle.

  • Does SITS:Vision integrate with other IT systems i.e., Finance and HR?

    Yes, SITS:Vision offers a multitude of tools that integrate seamlessly with your institutions' other programs. For example, we offer over 30 Finance integration tools.

  • Can anyone at the university engage with SITS:Vision?

    Yes, we offer unlimited user licenses. We can set access rights depending on roles and responsibilities for staff and students.

  • Do I have to be a certain size institution to implement SITS:Vision?

    SITS:Vision is a scalable solution. We provide solutions for private, public and alternative institutions around the world. SITS:Vision is used by institutions from just 500 FTE to over 200,000 FTE.

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