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The most accurate, adaptable, and efficient TCSI solution for Higher and Vocational Education providers


Validate and edit submissions in an easy-to-use interface that works with any student management or records system

Can you afford an inaccurate TCSI submission?

Streamline your reporting experience from start to finish with our revolutionary TCSI solution - Tribal Submissions. Tailored to the exacting needs of the educational sector, our product is designed to simplify the complex and often laborious task of government reporting, ensuring you can get back to focusing on what truly matters - the excellence of education.

Tribal Submissions offers a comprehensive SaaS solution that submits real-time data. Our solution allows for efficient modification of individual records or in bulk, ensuring accurate and timely TCSI submissions. Maximize your returns with our advanced platform.

Edith Cowan University Case Study

The Australian Government's TCSI project has introduced a new reporting requirement that aims to improve the collection of student information. This joint initiative by the Department of Education, Skills and Employment (DESE) and Services Australia benefits both Australian education providers and students. Edith Cowan University efficiently transformed their reporting process with Tribal Submissions. Watch the video to learn more about their success story.

Peter Corbett

Edith Cowan University's Director of Student Administration


Gain insights from the Director of Student Administration at Edith Cowan University as he shares how Tribal Submissions provided a seamless transition for his team's reporting to TCSI, without the added stress.

Fabia Baroni

Edith Cowan University's Team Leader of Business Support


Gain insight from the Team Leader of Business Support at Edith Cowan University on how Tribal Submissions streamlined their team's workflow and which features proved particularly beneficial in their daily operations.

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Product Features

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End-to-End Error Management


Catch mistakes with Tribal Submissions' error management system. Real-time data validation, user-friendly interfaces, and practical recommendations ensures effortless and prompt submissions.

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Reporting, Redefined, Integration Amplified


Say goodbye to reporting struggles and fragmented data with Tribal Submissions Reporting & Integration API. Seamless and transparent process for all your data needs, simplifying business-to-government interactions.

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Data Purge, Simplified and Self-Managed


Take control with self-managed data purging. Erase and replace incorrect data swiftly and confidently, reducing risk and increasing compliance.

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PRODA Made Effortless


Automate and manage PRODA access tokens, keys, and device registrations with Tribal Submissions' fully integrated PRODA feature.

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Self-Service Configuration - Your Business, Your Rules


Customise your experience with user-configurable settings. Optional automated approvals and field-level overrides to fit your unique business needs and workflows.

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Embrace Unrivaled Record Management


Efficiently navigate, search, sort, and edit records with Tribal Submissions' suite of record management tools, saving time and frustration.


Integrates with All Major SMS


Tribal Submissions integrates with your existing Student Management Systems (SMS), bridging the gap between your data and its destination.

Benefits and Values

Enhance Data Integrity

Advanced error management for heightened accuracy and compliance.

Total Command with Customisable Configuration

Unmatched control and automation for optimised financial returns.

Precision Meets Efficiency

Clear visual indicators for quick modifications and accurate data validation.

Empowered Decision-Making

Actionable insights for well-informed decisions.

Reduce Compliance Risks

Consistently accurate data to mitigate non-compliance risks.

Designed for Tomorrow

Future-proof SaaS solution to effortlessly meet evolving standards.

Our Customers


Trusted by Leading Academic Institutions


Join the ranks of the best in the education sector who've transformed their operations with Tribal Submissions. Our clients have experienced unprecedented time savings, increased accuracy, and a reduction in error-related costs, all leading to an enhanced operational environment where reporting is no longer a pain point, but a strategic advantage.


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