What we do

We provide the expertise, software and services required to underpin student success

We are passionate about improving education and learning

We offer market-leading student information systems; a broad, quality-focused range of education services; and industry-standard analysis and benchmarking solutions.

Empowering Education: For anyone who wants to try



We provide the expertise, software and services required by education and business organisations worldwide.

Operating across all education sectors, from early years and schools, through further, vocational and higher education, and on to learning and training in employment.

Our software and services enable institutions to improve the quality of the student experience, while operating more efficiently, and ultimately helps deliver improved outcomes.

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Children in Class

Student Information Systems

Enhancing the student experience throughout their learning journey

Our Student Information Systems manage the complete student lifecycle from attracting new talent, through all day-to-day activities, and on to graduation and employment.

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Children in Class

Education Services

Partnering with you to improve quality and enhance your institutions performance

Our review and evaluation services provide insight and practical solutions to help improve the quality of education for thousands of children and young people.

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Analysis and Benchmarking

Enabling a deeper understanding of your students and your institutions performance

We deliver comparative insight through surveys, benchmarking and analysis, to help you deliver a world class student experience and improved outcomes.

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