Tribal Edge Student Engage

Tribal Edge Student Engage

Connect, communicate and collaborate with your students with secure social networking

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Communication and collaboration in the hands of your students



Student Engage is a private social network designed to operate just like other social networks but with added safeguarding features that keep staff’s professional and personal lives separate. It enables staff and students to connect, communicate and collaborate with each other safely and securely. 

Product Features

  • Create a private social network

    • Combine the power of social networking with the privacy of a system that is monitored, measured and audited
  • Collaborate and engage

    • Give students a collaborative space to learn and support each other within class activities and self-learning
  • Increase student retention

    • Build a sense of community by enabling students to socially interact and engage with course content and other activities
  • Have real-time, relevant communication

    • Staff and students can communicate one to one or in groups, efficiently and effectively and all in real time


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