Case Study

English Heritage chooses Tribal’s K2 Facilities and Asset Management system


Tribal was chosen to implement a comprehensive nationwide Facilities and Asset Management solution for the English Heritage historic estate. The system was required to support all aspects of maintenance and management for all 438 sites throughout England. 

English Heritage exists to protect and promote England’s spectacular historic environment and ensure that its past is researched and understood. English Heritage champions our historic places and advises the government and others to help today’s generation to get the best out of our heritage and ensure it is protected for future generations. 

The requirement

English Heritage identified a business need to procure an Asset Management Database which would give them a clear overall picture of the condition and liabilities of its properties and the work that needs to be done to bring them up to, and keep them at agreed benchmark standards.

After an extensive tender process, English Heritage chose Tribal’s K2 Facilities and Asset Management system to deliver its vision of a single integrated back office system to help manage its assets. The project focused primarily around understanding and prioritising maintenance and condition backlogs through surveys, and linked to planned and preventative work. 

K2 plays an important role in achieving English Heritage’s core strategic aim of modernising its systems and processes and improving the quality of information; decision making; and the delivery of services to its stakeholders and customers. The Asset Management Plan will also better enable English Heritage to adopt more efficient ways of procuring planned and preventative maintenance service contracts which will generate significant capital and resource savings.

The solution

Before the implementation of K2, English Heritage had commissioned condition surveys for their 400plus sites via Excel spreadsheets in each of its four geographical territories. English Heritage needed the data transferring into K2 but had doubts over the quality of the information in the spreadsheets and Access databases – Tribal was able to provide a solution. 

Tribal developed a validation and import utility to load the old format into K2. Before importing the information into the database, K2 loads the data into a holding area and provides a validation report allowing English Heritage to carry out any additional data cleansing required before populating the K2 database. 

Following the success of the import, English Heritage subsequently asked Tribal to repeat the process to import their planned maintenance schedules into the system. 

During the implementation phase Tribal was able to agree one collective way of working - as each territory had previously functioned independently. To resolve this issue Tribal and English Heritage developed process maps which were used to agree a standard approach which could be implemented as an English Heritage national standard. These process maps were then used within the Tribal Workflow Manager to design the process that K2 now follows. Tribal continue to work closely with English Heritage and are currently working on a project to replace their existing estates system which holds lease information. 

The system provides the following features:

  • Reactive maintenance call tracking.
  • Condition defect records.
  • Improvement and conservation projects.
  • All property data in K2 and are live with their property maintenance backlog (condition survey).
  • Helpdesk system for reactive and planned maintenance, including contractor management and works ordering.
  • ‘K2 Projects’.
  • Tribal Workflow Manager.
  • The implementation of a contractor portal.
  • Further health and safety related areas.


  • K2 Facilities and Asset Management has provided English Heritage with a customisable, easy-to-use, and fully integrated back-office solution, resulting in the realisation of a number of key benefits:
  • Improvements in data consistency, quality and completeness
  • Standardisation of working practises and processes throughout the organisation
  • Replacement of existing system and rationalisation of other data sources
  • Automation and better use of information via Workflow triggers.

“Tribal has been a valued partner in developing a completely new system and concept for English Heritage. The software has seen rapid acceptance and easy adoption by a majority of users. Tribal’s K2 system is bringing a wealth of opportunity for data mining and reporting.”

Kevin Peto-Bostick 
AMP Project Manager, English Heritage

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