Case Study

Maytas and e-track for APM


APM have been a Tribal customer for over 18 years, using Tribal’s leading learning management solution Maytas alongside the powerful ePortfolio solution e-track, to manage their skills, training and apprenticeships.

APM provide services for people, places and businesses to create and improve skills, employment, and health and wellbeing. APM delivers a range of programmes in the workplace, at one of their local centres or online, for businesses around the UK. Their apprenticeship programmes are designed by employers to provide the required level of knowledge, skills and competencies through industry standards.

Learning management tailored to APM’s needs

Maytas supports APM by providing a single, accurate view of their organisation’s learning provision. The system streamlines the day-to-day administration that comes with providing training, reducing administration costs and improving efficiency.

Roger Ford, Client Systems Manager at APM, said:

“We have used user defined fields in Maytas to capture added value data and we have bespoke designed screens and controls, so we capture the details that are necessary for our delivery and supporting customer experiences. We write Maytas processes to follow our own operational processes to help our users capture only the necessary details.”

Maytas and e-track give APM the ability to report on their data, which is more trustworthy and accurate than recording data manually and reporting in spreadsheets. With Maytas they can create bespoke reports, reporting on custom fields that are unique to their organisation.

e-track enables APM to access the real time progress of their learners, it is fully integrated with Maytas so they can measure each learner’s progression against funding.

Improving the behind-the-scenes of skills and training

APM use the Allowances, Payments and Invoicing module in Maytas, this aligns their payroll and MIS department. The module allows them to quickly process bursary payments for Study Programme Learners and overcomes their financial issues allowing them to access education easily. Tribal solutions make their lives easier by improving data accuracy and making funding returns more efficient.

Over the years, APM have experienced many changes in their Tribal technology, and improvements in line with sector expectations and changes in industry standards. The introduction of the Screen Designer module enables APM to add their own fields to their Maytas database and change the layout and design of their screens to mirror their branding.

They invested in the Process Designer module, which allows their team to create their own Wizards in a flow-chart style environment, to match and enhance their administrative procedures and give them better control of their data entry. They now can write their own validation rules in Maytas, using the Validation Editor functionality, allowing them to create bespoke rules to ensure they capture accurate and compliant data.

Looking to the future

APM are planning to enhance their Tribal technology by investing in the Online Applications module, which would allow their prospective learners to register themselves onto a course, programme or apprenticeship on their website, improving the customer experience and streamlining core information straight into Maytas ready for delivery. The Vacancy Tracking module, which enables job vacancies to be added to Maytas and matched against suitable learners, will also enable tracking from application to the applicant getting the position and records the data throughout Maytas. Lastly, to ensure their course resources are managed appropriately and efficiently, they are interested in the Course Booking and Resource Management module to help them to organise their course bookings, saving time through automation and reducing resource wastage.

Working with the Tribal team

Roger Ford, Client Systems Manager at APM, said:

“Over the past 18 years, we have worked in a development partnership with Tribal to add functionality to Maytas that wasn’t in the out of the box solution. We have a close working relationship with Tribal’s Professional Services Team, who help design and develop solutions to our business needs and changing markets.”

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