Case Study

NMIT meets global standards for education with Tribal ebs


NMIT was looking for a new student management system to better serve its student community.


The ebs solution was the natural response to NMIT's challenge. With ebs' flexibility and configurability, it allowed NMIT to tailor the solution to its needs.


Nelson Marlborough Institute of Technology (NMIT) is the region's largest education and training provider. Located at the top of the South Island in New Zealand, NMIT is globally focused, with international partnerships in Europe, Japan and China, and is committed to being at the forefront of education. Across its three campuses in Nelson, Blenheim and Auckland it offers over 100 qualifications from certificate through to postgraduate level. 

The Requirement

NMIT identified the need for a new student management system to better serve its student community. Tribal Group was identified as a provider and its endorsement by Tertiary Accord New Zealand allowed NMIT to closely follow other institution members’ experiences with the provider and adopt solutions that would be the best fit for NMIT’s ambitions.

The Solution

The ebs solution was a natural response to NMIT’s need to record and manage information throughout the student journey. The flexible and configurable system allowed NMIT to tailor the solution to its needs.

Following the successful adoption of ebs in 2013, NMIT have recently implemented Ontrack+, a fully responsive portal that allows academic staff to measure progress and help students succeed. During 2015, NMIT implemented e-track, an e-portfolio management solution for its automotive and carpentry apprenticeship programmes. The department had found it challenging to accurately record and easily track a student’s progress across their studies due to the flexible nature of the curriculum. With e-track, students receive a personalised e-portfolio used to record evidence of unit completion. The scalable technology has made a massive difference to the way NMIT manage their apprenticeship programmes from the recording of learner workload to the generating of personalised progress reports.

Following the successful implementation of e-track, further investment is underway with adoption by several other programmes areas planned for 2017.


A strong working relationship between NMIT and Tribal enabled the smooth implementation of the software.

Christian Galbraith, NMIT Student Management System Administrator says:

“Tribal have delivered a product in ebs that readies NMIT for the challenges of a global education marketplace. We wanted to ensure that the business is meeting global standards for education, and with Tribal’s help, we’re delivering exactly that.”

This sentiment has been echoed by Gareth Phillips, NMIT Business Analyst, who says:

“Tribal has developed a flexible, tailored solution in e-track. We couldn’t be more excited about potential applications across NMIT.”

In the future, NMIT hopes to further harness ebs’s data analytics capabilities and extend e-track’s presence across the institution.

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