Case Study

The Skills Company: Why Tribal's Maytas stood out from the competition


The Skills Company, formerly Skills Solutions, is one of the largest providers of work based learning in the North West.

Located in Manchester, they have supported young people and adults alike who want to raise their skill level and achieve their full potential in the workplace.

The Skills Company were using a bespoke learner management system, which was becoming difficult to manage. With staff time and resources being wasted on a system which was not efficient to use, they decided to look for a better, streamlined solution.

Focusing on their learners

They chose Maytas, Tribal’s learner management solution, used across the UK by leading training providers of apprenticeships, traineeships and competency/compliance based programmes. With the ability to create and manage subcontractor payments, Maytas stood out from the competition.

Maytas is a flexible solution, which simplifies the day-to-day administration of training, from funding returns, objective tracking and evidence capture to course management and reporting.

Speaking about Maytas, Paul Taylor MIS Manager at The Skills Company said:

“The speed our team can input learner information into Maytas been a major benefit in terms of increasing our efficiency. The level of control we have over the quality of our data makes the compliance work we have to manage much easier."

The Skills Company also selected the powerful ePortfolio tool, e-track. This ePortfolio management tool enables assessors and managers to spend more productive time with their learners, by improving assessment processes and online learning management.

Throughout the last few years, e-track developments have enhanced the learner experience at The Skills Company and helped increase the quality of their reporting.

Speaking on behalf of Tribal, Penny Johnson WBL Account Manager said:

“We are delighted to work with The Skills Company over the year with Maytas and e-track, and to see their assessors and managers more efficient, alongside an improvement in their learner experience.”

Looking to the future

The Skills Company are looking develop their use of paperless systems and tracking monitoring within Maytas and e-track.

Working with the Tribal team

Paul Taylor, MIS Manager at The Skills Company said:

“The Tribal team are approachable and good to work with, they delivery customer focussed results which we find beneficial.”

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