The University of Sheffield’s Advanced Manufacturing Research Centre

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The University of Sheffield’s Advanced Manufacturing Research Centre (AMRC) with Boeing specialises in carrying out world-leading research into advanced machining, manufacturing and materials, which is of great practical use to the industry.

Established in 2011, AMRC works with over 100 industrial partners, ranging from Boeing, Rolls-Royce, BAE Systems and Airbus, to smaller business.

Streamlining the day-to-day administration

AMRC champions apprenticeships and bridging the gap between innovation in industry and academia.

Managing apprenticeships can be a challenging task, from the day-to-day administration, to managing funding returns, objective tracking and evidence submission.

AMRC needed a solution to help simplify these processes, and track everything in one database. This is where Maytas comes in, Tribal’s leading learning management (MIS) solution. In 2015 AMRC implemented Maytas and have never looked back!

Since using Maytas, AMRC have found efficiency in learner management has increased alongside a whole host of benefits. Funding is now made easier, as data is easily submitted to awarding and funding bodies through Maytas. Alongside having clearer view of their processes, AMRC have also enhanced their offering with the following modules:

  • Standard Imports-incorporate external data (e.g excel spreadsheets) into your Maytas database
  • Vacancy Tracking-add vacancies to Maytas and track the progress from applicating to filling the vacancy

Improving outcomes and assessment processes

AMRC wanted an ePortfolio solution which would help to influence more positive learner outcomes and assessment processes, while easily integrating with their MIS. Last year they invested in Maytas Hubs, Tribal’s powerful ePorfolio solution.

Sarah Astley MIS Coordinator at AMRC said:

“Working with Tribal really has revolutionised the way we manage our learners, now throughout their journey with AMRC our assessors have 100% visibility of their progress.”

Now, AMRC plan to expand on how they use Maytas Hubs and enhance the functionality of their solution. With additional features including Communities and Assess Pro their assessors and managers will be saved further admin time, plus their learner engagement should increase!

  • Communities-a single place to store, manage and track all your learning resources
  • Assess Pro- Maytas Hubs' mobile app allowing assessors and trainers/managers to carry out the entire assessment process offline

Managing Quality Improvement

AMRC recognised the importance of evidence-based self-assessment as key to ensuring continuous quality improvement. With years of experience in review and improvement services, Tribal recommended ActionPlan+, an online quality improvement management solution.

The spreadsheets and word documents will soon be ditched, with AMRC using a dynamic online system to streamline their self-assessment processes. They will be able to create and maintain a live Quality Improvement Plan and easily manage and monitor their progress.

Exploiting the power of their data

AMRC wanted one integrated solution that would allow their assessors and learners to have a seamless experience. Alongside this solution was the need to be able to accurately interpret a wealth of data at their disposal, to ensure decision making was based on the best possible information

They turned to Tribal’s Business Intelligence (BI) software, which offers a tailored approach to their specific requirement. Through intelligent dashboards their management will have a clear overview of the information that they need to regularly review, make decisions or report on.

Sarah Astley MIS Coordinator at AMRC said:

“We are really excited for the future to see the benefits these enhancements should bring, not only to our managers and assessors, but crucially our learners. Our aim is to provide an outstanding level of training, and to provide apprentices with the skills and knowledge to equip them to work with our renowned industry partners.”

Speaking on behalf of Tribal, Jason Greig Maytas Account Director said:

“We are delighted to be continuing to support AMRC and enhancing their apprenticeship journey. Using ActionPlan+, BI and enhanced Maytas and Maytas Hubs functionality will further improve the quality of their provision, ensuring their management team and assessors can focus on learner’s success and outcomes.”

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