Campus Review podcast: Nick Stanley, Managing Director of Tribal Group APAC

Last updated: 20/02/2019

Campus Review and Education Review interviewed Nick Stanley, Managing Director of APAC about the collection and analysis of data.

Please find below the interview on Education Review​ with a link to the podcast:

Keep IT simple in schools

Keep It Simple Stupid. That’s one business leader’s tech advice to schools.

Nick Stanley, managing director of Tribal Group Asia Pacific, said it’s common for schools to try and implement a grand digital vision, without getting the basics right. Tribal Group is a multinational education services company.

I think that Clint Eastwood said it really well, ‘A man has got to know his limitations,’

Stanley said.

I live my life on that one. I think it’s a great quote. With technology in all regions, it really is Keep It Simple Stupid. Get the basics right first and foremost.

Stanley said Tribal Group often gives out reality checks, complimentary with its online infrastructure.

Education Review sat down with Nick Stanley to discuss more:​