Capital City College Group select ebs to transform their student journey

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Tribal are proud to announce that Capital City College Group has selected Tribal’s Student Information System, ebs, to support their entire student journey.

Capital City College Group comprises three of London’s largest colleges – City & Islington College, The College of Haringey, Enfield & North East London, and Westminster Kingsway College - with a separate training arm (Capital City College Training) that offers apprenticeships and training for London’s workforce. Combined, they work in eleven centres across Central and North East London. The Group’s vision is to 'transform lives through education and training' and their mission is 'to inspire London’s students and businesses with outstanding further and higher education and training which ensures their social and economic success.'

ebs empowers further education providers around the UK to deliver successful outcomes, it manages the entire admissions process from initial recruitment and admissions, through to student support and retention. The Student Information System will allow Capital City College Group to improve the way they collect, collate, analyse and share student information.  

Colin Gibson, Head of Business Intelligence at Capital City College Group said;

“Tribal’s approach to student and teacher engagement aligns with the Group’s strategy whilst offering strong core MIS functionality. ebs was considered by the Group to be a highly capable product, considerably quicker to implement than the others offered, and the lowest risk. The Tribal team bring with them substantial experience of partnering with multi-college mergers and our Project Group felt that this experience would be invaluable during implementation.”

Speaking on behalf of Tribal, Nigel James, Further Education Account Director said;

“We are thrilled to be working with Capital City College Group to help enhance their student journey. The three key strategic priorities for the college were to motivate students to optimise their college experience, foster the best professional practice to stimulate learning and exploit emerging technologies and secure financial strength to ensure the best resources are available to facilitate teaching learning and student support, and I have no doubt that ebs will help to support this.”

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