i-graduate contribute to the Higher Education Commission at the House of Lords


i-graduate, part of Tribal Group, were delighted to receive an invitation on behalf of Lord Norton of Louth and Professor Simon Marginson to participate in the Higher Education Commission’s sixth inquiry examining Higher Education Exports. i-graduate were invited to contribute to the inquiry’s second evidence session which took place on Tuesday 30 January in the House of Lords.

The Higher Education Commission is an independent body made up of leaders from the education sector, the business community and the three major political parties. The Commission examines higher education policy, holds evidence-based inquiries, and produces written reports with recommendations for policymakers.

i-graduate deliver comparative insight to the education sector worldwide through various benchmarking tools. Representing i-graduate were Sir Drummond Bone, former Chairman at i-graduate and Master at Balliol College, Oxford and Jessica Howlett, Business Development Director Bespoke Projects.

Speaking on behalf of i-graduate, Sir Drummond Bone said:

“We shared with the Commission key information from wide-ranging data collected through the International Student Barometer (ISB) and the i-graduate ICEF Agent Barometer.  Detailed supportive statistics were appreciated and contributed to the evidence discussed on the day.”  

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