LinguaSkin: Providing a multilingual capability to help students engage

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LinguaSkin is an innovative solution which enables multi-language online services and switchable language packs to be created simply, quickly and cost effectively. With its extensive experience delivering multilingual solutions, Tribal have partnered with Interceptor Solutions to utilise its LinguaSkin product, an application that inserts a language selector and replaces all user interface text with the selected language.

Interceptor Solutions have created a LinguaSkin ‘wrapper’ for Tribal’s Student Information System, ebs, and is already being successfully used for student admissions and learner portals with Tribal customers.

Richard Sheppard, Technical Director at Interceptor Solutions Ltd said:

“Our partnership with Tribal means our multilingual capability will have a transformative impact in education, dramatically improving engagement with student communities.”

What does LinguaSkin do?

LinguaSkin enables a multilingual interface to be created for monolingual applications without needing changes to the target application, so it is quick and easy to implement. Providing a multilingual capability for students to engage with their education provider is often an essential or highly desirable requirement. It can improve understanding, affinity and outcomes around admissions, particularly for prospective international students.

    No need to worry about making any changes or reconfiguring applications or websites.
    LinguaSkin can be deployed in minutes and configured in hours.
    Content and application amendments can be made on the fly.
    LinguaSkin works with both pre-configured translations and online machine translation resources to ensure content quality.
    Switch languages with just one click. LinguaSkin inserts a language selector and manages the switching process.
One harmonious solution

Michael Fisher, Senior Product Manager at Tribal Group said:

“We really admire LinguaSkin’s commitment to offering a fluid solution for their customers. We are already seeing successful use through our own customers and are excited to support more customers in the future.”

Making it easier for Tribal customers in the future

Having already been successfully deployed in several customer sites across Wales, Tribal’s partnership with LinguaSkin offers tremendous scope, with the Further Education and Higher Education sectors likely to require a multilingual interface to support multicultural students.

With a broad portfolio of customers across all sectors of education, Tribal’s collaboration with LinguaSkin provides an additional service that will offer ease, enabling colleagues to give more time to support their students and learners.

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