Out of time, out of funding – Exploring a fresh approach

Posted by Carla Martinho


Wednesday, June 19, 2024




12 -13:00


Learning agreements, commitment statements and training plans, in all their various forms, have long been a feature in post-16 education and skills. Yet it is still a challenge to make sure that all parties stick to their side of the agreement with learners going past their planned end date and being “unfunded” a common problem.

Following on from the recent article in FE Week, Kerry Boffey explores the impact of surrounding out of funding. The session looks at the importance of data analysis to better understand the learner journey. Looking at what the data tells us, identifying potential barriers or obstacles that can lead to learners not achieving on time.   Kerry will also expand on her theory around broken promises and how reframing can be a game changer.



Kerry Boffey Jan 21 (2)

Kerry Boffey

Founder, Fellowship of Inspection Nominees (FIN)

Carla copy


Carla Martinho

Co-hosted by Tribal’s Head of Data Management Services, the webinar includes both an Ofsted quality of education, and an audit compliance perspective on a key aspect of successful learning provision.


This webinar is inspired by From OOF to WOOF: How to put a leash on apprenticeship completion dates published in FE Week on June 8, 2024.



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