Revolutionising student management at Ara Institute of Canterbury, NZ

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Tribal is delighted to launch our latest empowering education video with Ara Institute of Canterbury, New Zealand. Ara, a Tribal customer since 2011, is a government-funded institute that provides world-class tertiary-level education. Ara is regarded as one of the leading institutions in the New Zealand and the largest tertiary institute in the South Island with five campuses in Canterbury and North Otago. 

Ara have been using Tribal’s ebs Student Information System for nearly eight years transforming their student data management. They have recently implemented ebs:Ontrack portals bringing the entire admissions and enrolment process online,  saving time and adding value to the student experience, and ultimately assisting to convert enquiries through to enrolment.

Learn more about the collaboration between Tribal and Ara and how we are partnering to Empower the world of education 


Tracey Berry, Deputy Chief Executive of Customer Experience and Engagement at Ara, said;

“Our student management system is the lifeblood of the organisation, it’s the heart of the student information and data… having accurate,  timely,  transparent information enables us to communicate with students when we need to with the relevant information, to the right students at the right time and the right way”

Find out more about optimising your entire student journey with Tribal’s ebs Student Information System



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