Tribal achieves first place on APUC ITS1050 Framework for Student Information Management Systems in Higher Education

Posted by Beth Anderson

Tribal is proud to announce that it is the highest ranked supplier on the framework "ITS1050" - Lot 1 - Student Information Management Systems - Higher Education from Advanced Procurement for Universities and Colleges (APUC).

The ITS1050 framework enables Higher Education Institutions (HEIs) to purchase student information management systems and associated services from approved suppliers.

After undergoing a comprehensive evaluation process, split into scores for both Technical and Commercial, Tribal was again awarded the highest score in this second iteration of this framework. This means that the evaluation panel, made up of HEIs, determined that, once again, Tribal offers the best value both in terms of price and technical functionality with its SITS: Vision Student Records system. This achievement further cements Tribal's position as the UK's leading provider of student information management systems.  It also means as the top-scoring supplier, Tribal can directly award contracts without going out to tender, saving considerable time and expense.

"We are delighted to have once more achieved the highest ranking for the ITS1050 framework," said Mark Pickett, CEO. "This will be very helpful for institutions who can take advantage of the direct award method as a compliant way to purchase from us without a lengthy and expensive procurement process."

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