Tribal Global Delivery Centre move into Common Ground at 1 Powerhouse, Selangor, Malaysia

Posted by Tribal Group

Due to the accelerated growth of Tribal Group’s Global Delivery Centre, Tribal are proud to house the delivery team in Common Ground at the latest Grade A, MSC Status corporate office tower at 1 Powerhouse located strategically at the vibrant Bandar Utama City, home to renowned companies such as Nestle, Loreal and Oppo.

The thirty-five team members of Application and Integration Consultants, Cloud Engineers & Delivery Managers necessitated a larger and more conducive space to create a better working environment and improve synergy by fostering close collaboration between team members. The space also allows the team to be agile and flexible in scaling the workspace based on future demands.

Common Ground at 1 Powerhouse opened its doors to members in December 2021 and offers all of its signature brand components with an in house-café, meeting rooms, board rooms, event space, call booths, and three formats of standard memberships: hot desks, fixed desks, and private offices.

The building offers a sense of community as well as networking opportunities with other organisations that are in Common Ground Co-working space.

Praveen Ramasamy, Head of Global Delivery Centre at Tribal Group said,

“The team have successfully settled into Common Ground at 1 Powerhouse and are enjoying the beautiful space to work from. The space offers us all a larger and more conducive place to support our growth in this region and for our consultants to be surrounded by like-minded people and communities that will enable them to thrive professionally and personally."

Samantha Wordsworth, Head of Marketing and Communications at The Flexi Group concluded,

“We are excited to welcome Tribal to our Common Ground community at 1 Powerhouse. Their support of education through technology and dedication to customer success reflects Common Ground's values of inspiring, educating and driving better societies. The team looks forward to sharing ideas and shaping conversations that drive our diverse program of events."

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