Tribal Revamps Service to Empower HE Institutions for Cloud-Ready SIS Migration

Posted by Tribal Group

We are thrilled to announce the evolution of our hugely successful Cloud Discovery Service to the  Cloud Readiness Assessment. This strategic shift reflects a deeper understanding of Higher Education institutions' journey towards cloud migration and their existing knowledge of cloud hosting and transitioning environments.  


"The landscape of HE technology is rapidly shifting," notes Karl Walker, Head of Cloud Solution Architecture at Tribal Group. "Institutions are no longer starting from scratch in their cloud-migration journey. They've explored the possibilities, assessed the benefits, and are actively preparing for the next step."  

The Tribal Cloud Readiness Assessment goes well beyond the mere discovery phase as it recognises the existing landscape of the customer, the roadmap to the cloud and the opportunities for simplification and benefits achieved. Therefore, it recognises the strides already made by universities and acts as a springboard for successful cloud implementation. The assessment delves deeper, offering:  

  • Comprehensive assessment:  A thorough analysis of your current on-premises Student Information System (SIS) environment, identifying strengths, potential roadblocks, and opportunities for optimisation in the cloud. 
  • Tailored migration strategy:  Collaborative development of a robust plan encompassing data governance, user adoption, and change management, ensuring a smooth transition that minimises disruption.  
  • Expert guidance:  Leverage Tribal's extensive experience and proven methodologies to navigate the complexities of cloud migration and maximise the benefits of your SIS in the cloud.  
  • Business case support: Understanding your strategic goals and providing insight into how migration to the SITS Cloud service enables you to achieve these.  

Karl adds, "This is about taking your cloud aspirations to the next level. We're not just helping you discover the potential; we're equipping you with the tools and expertise to realise it."  

The Cloud Readiness Assessment aligns with Tribal's commitment to partnering with HE institutions in their technology transformation. By addressing their current level of cloud preparedness, the service provides a comprehensive, strategic approach to achieving successful cloud-based SIS migration and unlocking the full potential of modern education technology.  

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