Tribal solutions build on the Microsoft Higher Education Accelerator

Posted by James Solomon

Tribal’s adoption of Microsoft’s Higher Education Accelerator allows rapid development and faster innovation.

In 2018 Microsoft announced the Microsoft Dynamics 365 Higher Education Accelerator, which allows solution providers like Tribal, to quickly build vertical solutions tailored specifically for Higher Education. Since its launch, we have seen many enhancements and today Tribal can further emphasise their commitment to Microsoft and announce our solutions integration with the Microsoft Higher Education Accelerator.

Every education institution endeavours to manage and extract value from its data. However, the struggle that most face is managing copious amounts of siloed data and normalising it so it can be processed, analysed and meaningful value extracted from it.

Industry or sector-specific accelerators include powerful connected experiences designed to support common sector needs and challenges, enabling solutions that deliver new insights and more personalised customer engagements. Tribal’s adoption of the Microsoft HE Accelerator allows us to build and innovate faster, bringing our customers solutions tailored to the Higher Education market.

The stand-alone higher education data model has enabled Tribal to easily build applications, workflows, and processes and rapidly go to market. The standard data schema provided by Microsoft will enable Tribal to expand the footprint of the solution to support the full student lifecycle and leverage the analytic and insight capability of the platform. By using the HE Accelerator, Tribal will ultimately help institutions transform engagement with students to improve outcomes.

Technology is transforming how institutions engage across the entire student journey. The HE accelerator has allowed for faster innovation on our solutions from marketing and recruitment to enrolment and admissions and continuing to student support and engagement. Tribal will utilise our expertise in the education sector and the accelerator to track a student’s interactions with an institution and build stronger relationships with potential and existing students.

“Building on the Microsoft Higher Education Accelerator completely transforms the way our clients can engage with and provide exceptional student outcomes. The recent pandemic has changed the digital requirements and needs of the education sector and we are seeing accelerated digital transformation across the sector. As a leading provider in the industry, we need to ensure we are at the forefront and bring the most innovative solutions to our clients. The Higher Education Accelerator allows us to bring solutions to market much faster and meet the rapidly changing demands of our clients and their students and by developing on this standard data model we can provide solutions that will allow our customers to unlock the power of their data.” - James Solomon, Microsoft Partner Manager – Tribal Group

 “We’re excited to partner with the Tribal Group on the Microsoft’s Higher Education Accelerator, Dynamics 365, and the Power Platform to help transform student engagements across their customers in the Education sector. We look forward to building on this partnership and extend our solution portfolio to ensure even more customer success.”- Satish Thomas, Vice President - Microsoft Industry Clouds and Solution Engineering



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