University for the Creative Arts moves their Student Information System (SITS) to be run by Tribal as a service from the cloud.

Posted by Daniel Barrass

University for the Creative Arts (UCA) have signed an agreement with Tribal to move their SIS to be run as a service from the cloud. The deal further strengthens the partnership that goes back over 20 years. 

The move to the cloud will help UCA achieve its strategic goal of increasing its global footprint, and will improve integrations, performance and maintenance elements. Running SITS in the cloud will also give them the required agility to adopt the latest technologies from Tribal and enhance research facilities.  

The deal also includes Tribal’s newly developed, next-generation solution to help UCA manage the whole admissions process from initial enquiry to enrolment. By streamlining this process, UCA will be able to make significant time savings for both staff and prospective students and create a smooth applicant experience.  


The challenge UCA faced was providing the most appropriate systems to deliver the best possible experience for its staff and students, and on-premise infrastructure could not scale and flex sufficiently with large-scale, fast changes in demand. 

They needed a more connected, agile, resilient, and secure platform that could scale and flex for the planned and unplanned. With previous success in migrating and managing student information systems in the cloud, Tribal was uniquely positioned to help UCA address these challenges. 

By moving SITS to the cloud and managing it as a service, Tribal owns responsibility for the system availability, performance, maintenance, and upgrades as well as all downstream integrations, meaning UCA staff can focus on delivering increased value from the application. Resilience and redundancy are built-in, so that even if servers fail, automatic recovery means end users are rarely affected. There is 24/7 support and 99.9% service availability for non-scheduled outages. 



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